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The Phoenix Bath Melt

Page history last edited by lushalot 10 years, 2 months ago

Phoenix --(DC'ed) 1/2 (original formula) Cinnamon, cloves and sandalwood UK VEGAN? NOT SURE




30g £1.95


Ingredients: cocoa butter, laureth 3, almond oil, sandalwood oil, cinnamon bark oil, perfume, clove leaf oil.


Lush.a.Lot's Review: It smells like cinnamon. It’s good for combining with things. They also made a Phoenix BBS which I've not had the pleasure to try. This is the same size and shape as the current Lush "Dreamtime" bath melt. It's spicy good with cinnamon and clove. I always like to combine this bath melt instead of having it alone because it lends itself well to bath that contain similar scented spicy Lush bath products such as "Chai" shower gel (used in the bath), "Hot Java", or the bubble bar that was made in the same scent as Phoenix; the "Phoenix" bubble bar. The Phoenix melt also goes well with any of the spicy Christmas bath products.


Spring 1999 UK Lush Times description: Arise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of your former self as you sink into the soft bubbles of a Phoenix bath. Sandalwood oil is traditionally used on those who are stuck in a rut, who keep repeating the same old mistakes, are way too logical and are not in tune with their feelings. Cinnamon bark oil is used to rekindle your optimist (sic) and enthusiasm for life. Clove is used on people who are just plain fed up to restore their sense of optimism. We all have days like this, don't we? I'm sure we know people who are like this all the time! Do them a favour; buy them a Phoenix or two. The very least it will do is clean them and make their skin softer and that should cheer them up a bit....

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