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Icon Dusting Powder

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Icon Image(DC'ed) VEGAN? NOT SURE





Lush.a.Lot's Review: Ohh. (:-) I checked the "Love" option in the NA forum poll. This is such a sensual and dark scent. Deep myrrh with twinkling little top notes of orangey goodness. Subtley sweet, not noticeabley sweet. It's sort of a Goth but feminine scent. "Softly Incense-y" are the couple of words I'd use to describe it. I absolutely love the little bits of cobalt blue mallow flower bits. The blue flower petals are only here and there. Beautiful! :shock: The scent is intoxicating and it lasts. It's impossible for me to feel anything but feminine and romantic when I wear Icon powder. The scent reminds me of a pensive shot of Greta Garbo or the witchy romantic vibe of Steve Nicks in her day.


Ingredients: cornstarch, blue mallow flowers, magnesium carbonate, Icon perfume (perfume ingredients: DRF alcohol, perfume myrrh, orange blossom absolute, bergamot oil, sandalwood oil, sicilian mandarin oil).


Lush Times description: Icon is one of those deep, dark fragrances which is made with the most deliciously heavy essential oils with a light airy note of orange blossom on top. Think of purple crushed velvet and huge gold picture frames, the pungently scented darkness only broken by flickering candles. There's something Byronesque about Icon; you could imagine it being worn by dissolute young men staying up late to write poetry. Mark calls this his Massive Attack perfume; lots of deep, heavy layers which build up to make the whole sound, with a high light notes dancing up above it. Use Icon dusting powder all over your body to get the pale and interesting look only acquired by never leaving the house during the hours of daylight.

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