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Thank you for looking. 😊

I am currently moving (duplicating) this on my blog at lushalot.com because it's more mobile friendly. :) I'm not deleting anything in this Wiki though and will continue to add new products to it.  


This is the first, and the largest list of Lush products anywhere on the internet, and was recognized by Lush in their new book "Danger Cosmetics To Go".  Lush has entered some pages in here as well.  Thanks for coming and welcome. 


To look for Lush products by category, Go here to  the navigator window on the right and click on a category in the "Navigator" window. ------------>

See more of these in detail at my blog www.lushalot.com

 Enjoy the wiki and and thanks for looking. :)  



Everything you see in this wiki are items i bought from Lush Uk mail order from 2001-2017

I read the Lush Times magazines every four months and typed in all the descriptions of products from the magazine.  This is an ongoing work in progress, I'm always adding things as lush brings them out. 

Today there are 282 bath bombs, 225 bubble bars, 251 soaps, 36 jellies, 129 perfumes, etc in this wiki and growing all the time. There are photos currently that I'm moving from photo bucket to my own photo share place.  So don't worry if the pictures are wonky for a month or so.



 If you have a product review you'd like to share, or a correction that needs to be made feel free to ask via the email address below.  




Schuette's Bit:
This wiki was created to provide a stable and permanent home or mirror for Lush.A.Lot's comprehensive review thread that has graced many incarnations of Lush Uk forum. To find a product please use either the search bar or the folder tree on the right.

     If you notice any missing links or other errors please bring them to my notice by clicking 'Contact the owner' at the bottom of any page. To request the ability to leave comments, click 'sign in' then 'request access' and fill in the form.


Digi's Bit:

Lara; "thedigitalprincess" on the Lush boards, Rivet Licker everywhere else. I asked Lush.A.Lot whether I could help by adding photos of limited editions to the Wiki and was given the go ahead. I usually take care of holiday themed stuff. I order from the UK and Australia (I live in Sydney), I often pop into my two local stores, Bondi (actual local) and Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in the city, which is the central Lush shop for events, including media and blogger nights, which I go to. I have had a go at making a few products including Angels On Bare Skin, Sakura and Think Pink ballistics, and the year round range of lip scrubs. I also am another unofficial Lush vlogger. http://www.youtube.com/daggirl


**If you have any of your own photos of any of the items on the TO DO page please email To ElenaSchu@gmail.com thank you! **





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