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Enchanted Island Bath Melt

Page history last edited by lushalot 7 years, 1 month ago

Enchanted Island --(DC'ed) Oceanic UK VEGAN? NOT SURE






75g £1.55


Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, cocoa butter, laureth 3, sea salt, coconut oil, lavender oil, perfume, water, lemon oil, seaweed absolute, colour 42045.


Lush.a.Lot's Review: This is not shaped as Floating Island nor The Big Strawberry or Melting Marshmellow Moment. Enchanted Island is sort of flying saucer shaped...disk shaped. While it's maybe not the best melt Lush has ever made in my opinion, it is quite nice and mostly because it is such a different scent of a Lush melt. It's color is stark white but it has a bright crayon blue center the size of a quarter throughout. It's a melt so it goes in a tub filled with heated water not lukewarm or coldish water like we do sometimes during the high heat here. It's so fizzy and creamy. I only wish it was 3 times as big. I love the lavender smell. It also has the smell of the ocean. So it kinda smells like Angels on Bare Skin but with an oceany twist, like Lush' "Big Blue" ballistic. Seaweed is supposed to be softening. Lush has used the seaweed concept in their product before, as with their "Lotta Iotta" ballistic and "Noriko" soap. It really does make the skin noticeably soft. If you're looking for something "yummy" smelling, this isn't it, but the smell is refreshing and lavender-y. Not as perfumey as Big Blue though, more on the same lines as Waving Not Drowning with some sea air quality to the scent. I don't usually use this melt with any bubble bars as I find the bubble bar and the Enchanted Island melt compete with each other for "star of the tub". Not sexy per se, nor "pretty" but more spa-like in it's aroma qualities. I'm glad I was able to get a few folks excited enough to vote for this to be re-made recently. Big kisses to anyone who voted for this sight unseen. It's only negative in my opinion is that it isn't bigger.


Spring 1999 Lush Times description: Bath time for true romantics; picture the island with its coconut palms gently blowing in the wind, with lemon trees growing wild, the scent of the deep blue sea. You're living there in perfect peace with your perfect love. You don't have to get up early to go to work and there's no washing up or ironing to do. Get real. The closest you're going to get is an Enchanted Island Luxury Bath Melt from Lush. Run the bath, close your eyes, breathe in the scents of coconut, lemon and seaweed absolute and just for the next twenty minutes we'll take you there. Don't forget to open your eyes, no matter how much you wish you could keep them closed.


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